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26 October 2011 @ 6:48 PM


Okay so I think the rpg, and its lack of spawns is fixed. I say think, because you never know the rpg has been screwy with us before we thought it was fixed it was not.

But basically the “terrain” under the portals was the default tile for that area. Which is spawn able/walkable on. What I did was changed every terrain under the portals to something that is NOT spawn able/walkable on. (I hope) 

If this was the rpg problem then since twinArmageddons and I (Mostly tA as I was changing tiles) cleared out all the monsters on those spaces, then they should never spawn on the portals again. Meaning they won’t stack up to 30 in the same spot. Yes there were 30 in the same spot on some of them. No I am not making this up. xD

So what I need from you guys, if your willing, is to take your warrior (if you have one) and go kill some monsters. You should be able to find everything again. Gulpers that were hiding? They’re back. Slugarion’s? They’re back. 

So if your willing to help do this I’d be ever so grateful. Its nearly 9 am, so I can’t battle now. Tomorrow when I get on I’ll check the spots, and if nothing has spawned there I will battle. And then after that if nothing has STILL spawned there. I’ll call it fixed for sure. But for now I’m calling it mostly fixed I hope. 

Let me know if anything seems off, or if you think they are spawning under portals again the comments. Thanks all! 

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13 October 2011 @ 1:11 AM
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